Privacy Policy


Educonnex Pty Ltd is a company based in NSW, Australia that sells and distribute software, primarily focused on school administration.

Address: 15/1 Bounty Cl, Tuggerah, NSW Australia 2259

Phone: 02 4304 3000

Email: [email protected]

Educonnex is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We are subject to the privacy laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate, including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

In certain circumstances we may also be subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) as it applies to Australia and the European Economic Area.


The purpose of this Policy is to:

  • explain the types of information that we may collect from customers or authorised users; and
  • how that information will be processed by us or on our behalf.

This Policy does not apply to Personal Information that may be collected by a third party or how that third party may use, handle, store or disclose your Personal Information.


For the purposes of this Policy, the following definitions apply:

  • Customer means the educational institutions, whether public or private, which have subscribed to our product/s.
  • Educonnex, we, our, us means Educonnex Pty Ltd ACN 160 850 322.
  • Our product/s means the suite of software produced and/or sold by Educonnex Pty Ltd.
  • Personal information means a set of data that could be used to identify a specific person.
  • School administrator/s means authorised school/organisation staff who have administration-level access to our product/s.
  • User/s means individuals associated with our customers that have their data in our product/s.


Data Storage

Our servers are co-located at: Macquarie Datacentre 17-23 Talavera Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113. Our structure meets all privacy policy at federal and individual state and territory levels in Australia.

How We Collect Data

  • Access to use our products requires login credentials, such as a username and password, to identify the user.
  • We record date and time of access, website URL, IP address, referrer URL, product and version information of the browser used.
  • When a user is logged into our products, we record what actions are being performed using those login details.
  • Educonnex and its suppliers may use cookies or web beacons. These are used to provide a user with an active session of our products, and to monitor traffic on our websites and products.
  • If a user chooses to not allow cookies, it may impair or prevent usage of our products.
  • We supply the nominated school administrators with login details to access their school’s/organisation’s instance of our product/s.
  • Data about users is supplied to our products by customers – either by school administrators or individual users. The information is needed in order to fulfil the purposeful functionality of the products.
  • School administrators are responsible for the accuracy of the data uploaded for their school/organisation, as well as ensuring the correct users have access to the correct login details.

How We Handle Data

  • We do not sell personal information.
  • Our customers are responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of information.
  • Educonnex does not modify data, except when directly requested to do so by an authorised school administrator.
  • When not logged in to our products, we collect anonymised information or details supplied voluntarily.
  • The customer owns the data associated to their school/organisation.
  • We retain information for a limited period. At any time, a school administrator can request that the data associated with their school/organisation be purged from our system.
  • Requests to purge information of an individual user can be requested by a school administrator.
  • We will not disclose any personal information stored in our products to any individual or organisation unless compelled to do so in connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings, or where we have a commercial agreement with a supplier that protects user data as outlined in this policy.
  • We protect your information by using 128-bit encryption.
  • We secure our website and other systems with technical and organisational measures against the loss, destruction, access, change or dissemination of your data by unauthorised persons.


  • We provide integration with Wonde.
    • Wonde provide a service to transfer the data required to use our products from a school’s administration software.
    • We may share the name and work email address only of a school administrator with Wonde.
    • Subscription to, and usage of, Wonde is at the discretion of the customer.
    • View Wonde’s privacy policy here:
  • We integrate with LiveChat.
    • LiveChat is a service that allows a user to chat online with our support team.
    • Our public websites require the individual to supply their name and email address if they wish to use LiveChat.
    • For a customer’s instance of our product, LiveChat is only available to school administrators. Our product will pass the username, email address, and school organisation to LiveChat, to allow us to identify the school administrator who has messaged us.
    • Usage of LiveChat is at the discretion of the individual/school administrator.
    • View LiveChat’s privacy policy here:
  • We monitor website traffic with Google Analytics.
    • Google Analytics gives statistical information and user habits when interacting with our sites.
    • We use this service to observe aggregate data about traffic to, and within, our websites.
    • Google Analytics does not tell us individual user details.
    • We are able to see broad information, like the number of users accessing our site from a city.
    • View Google’s privacy policy here:
  • We use Hotjar to improve our public websites.
    • Hotjar is a service which shows how users navigate through a website.
    • We use this service to see what information are of interest to users visiting our public websites.
    • The information we collect lets us improve the information we offer, and the structure of our public websites.
    • The information we receive does not contain any personal information of the user.
    • View Hotjar’s privacy policy here:
  • We use Mailchimp to deliver emails that require large-volume distribution.
    • Mailchimp is a marketing platform and email marketing service.
    • We use Mailchimp to deliver frequently-sent mail to individual users (like login details and reports), marketing to prospective administration staff, and technical updates to existing administrative staff.
    • A recipient of a any marketing email can unsubscribe from further marketing emails, by clicking the unsubscribe link at bottom of any of these emails.
    • We reserve the right to continue sending technical updates to the registered administrators of our product/s from a school/organisation, as these may contain important information about the delivery of our product/s.
    • We do not use this or any other service to intentionally contact non-administrative staff (like parents, students, or non-administrative staff) for the purpose of marketing.
    • View MailChimp’s privacy policy here:
  • Our staff, partners, and subcontractors are bound by policies and agreements to protect personal data as outlined in this policy, and are not permitted to make independent use of any personal information.

Children and Safe Access

  • Our products are built primarily for usage by school communities. This means that children may use our products.
  • Our products do not require children to disclose personal details (such as name, address, phone number, email address, social media details etc).
  • If schools/organisations subscribed to our products ask children to enter personal details, this is outside of our products’ minimum requirements. The school/organisation are responsible for the protection of this information outside of our products, prevention of misuse, and vetting of individuals who access this information.
  • We actively promote that parents and carers monitor their child’s/dependent’s usage of our products, and the education of the child/dependent to not supply unnecessary information online.
  • Where a parent/carer is not comfortable with personal information being requested of the child/dependent, they should contact the school/organisation to discuss the concern.

More Information

  • This privacy policy may be updated from time to time. Check this page to see the latest information.
  • We will advise school administrators when there are significant changes to this policy.
  • If you do not accept any changes made to this privacy policy, please discontinue the use of our products.
  • Users should direct any questions or complaints about their data within their school’s/organisation’s instance of our product/s to that same school/organisation – this is because they are the owners and administrators of the data. The school/organisation may contact us to facilitate the response to your question or complaint, or we will respond directly to you where appropriate.
  • Users should direct any questions or complaints about their data on our public websites to us directly, at [email protected]
  • If you have submitted a complaint through the school/organisation or us and wish to take the matter further, you can do so by following the link on this page: